Palmer's Is...

Locally Owned and Operated in the Heart of the Tennessee Valley


Our Story

Ida Palmer started this business with a vision for better for herself and her family. Originally from Florida, she moved to the greater Huntsville Area for better opportunities. She has been married for 20 years and of this union 2 children.


Mrs. Palmer created this business with grit and determination, and with years of working with other cleaning companies under her belt. She has worked with some of the best in the business. Not only does she take pride in her business, but she takes pride in cleaning your home, office, center, etc as if it is her own. You can’t go wrong.

We provide “Elite Cleaning With A Smile”.

What We Do

We service the greater Tennessee Valley area. Call us to see if you are in our service area.

  • Residential Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Event Cleaning
  • Monthly Cleaning
  • You need it cleaned? We can do it!
  • Residential Cleaning 80% 80%
  • Commercial Cleaning 60% 60%
  • Event Cleanup 90% 90%
  • One-time Cleaning 80% 80%
  • Regular Cleaning 60% 60%